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Evolving Education

through our different services

We offer technological solutions to Learning Institutions, to ensure they meet the Technology standards of the 21st century.
These solutions improve the way their teachers teach and the way their students learn.

Here's how we do it
Online Migration
evolvEd Evolving Education EdTech Educational Technology Online Migration


Having assessed your school, our team of tech experts will set up accounts for a diverse range of apps and services to specifically soothe your needs. The goal is to integrate technology that will help transform the teaching, learning and administration of the school. An Overview of our online migration services include;

  • Acquisition and setup of Google Workspace for Education (Paid, Standard & Plus)

  • Purchase and Setup of Chromebooks

  • Design and Development of Websites

  • Digital Database for Schools

  • Digitial Pick up & Drop off systems (By scanning students Id's or fingerprints

  • Automates sign in & sign out systems for school staff



We offer training services to ensure the integrated technology is efficiently used. Using the data from the digital literacy assessment - which can be carried out virtually and in person, we prepare a training program unique to your school. This program covers; 

  • Google Workspace for Education

  • Digital Literacy & Applied Digital Skills

  • Previously used EdTech tools-such that are fully explored

  • The latest EdTech trends 

  • Concepts in education, and relevant transferable skills. 

  • Training of IT personnel on Google Admin Console, Chromebook Policies, etc

If you opt for product certifications - Google Certified Educator, Google Certified Trainer - our team of google experts will set up a training plan and purchase your exam vouchers. This training is hands-on and extensive.

evolvEd Evolving Education EdTech Educational Technology Training
Technology Integration
evolvEd Evolving Education EdTech Educational Technology Technology Integration


Working with teachers and heads of departments, we integrate technology into your student’s learning process, across the curriculum for different subjects. The goal is to diversify the way the curriculum is delivered to the students thereby creating more engaging and practical classes through technology. This integration helps the students start developing and mastering these technology skills on a daily basis.

Digital Citizenship


Our digital citizenship program has been designed to train teachers on how they can educate students extensively on how to stay safe online and make responsible decisions. The program focuses on teaching; Privacy & Internet Security, Healthy Digital Living, Digital Footprints & Big Data, Communication & Relationships, Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate speech, News & Media Literacy.

We also offer Internet Safety Training and Consultation for Parents. We teach them how to keep their kids safe online while they are at home and help them set up their kid's devices with settings and features that help keep their kids safe online.

evolvEd Evolving Education EdTech Educational Technology Digital Citizenship
Virtual Reality
evolvEd Evolving Education EdTech Educational Technology Virtual Reality Program


With VR, students can learn about the galaxy through an immersive lesson without going out to space. This technology has created an avenue to experience and learn in a more immersive and engaging way. 

Our VR Program consists of a carefully curated library of simulations and tours in accordance with your curriculum. We also 

  • Setup VR Labs

  • Acquire affordable VR gear for your students and teachers 

  • Train your teachers on how to create their lessons as simulations and tours.



We have developed a spectrum to assess the technological needs and possible advancement of each school. This spectrum was developed using two frameworks. The International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE) and the Level of Teaching Innovation (LoTI) framework. 

Using this spectrum, we assess the significant stakeholders of education advancement.

  • Staff

  • Students

  • School authority/leadership


We administer 3 types of assessment

  • Quick Assess. This is a self-assessment available on our website

  • Online Assessment. This assessment requires supervision and guidance. It is scheduled on the website.

  • In-Person Assessment. This is a walk-in assessment carried out in the school over a period of 3 days. The in-person assessment is a prerequisite for all our service offers.

Choose your pricing plan



Training for Teachers/ Students/ Parents

Training Manuals

Certification Training

Free Digital Citizenship

*This plan runs for a period of three weeks


This plan includes the following services


Online Migration

Free Digital Citizenship

*This plan runs for a period of one month


Online Migration


Technology Integration

Introduction to VR

Free Digital Citizenship

*This plan runs for a period of two month





This plan includes the following services

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